One the best parts of working with Foliage Interiors, Inc. is you know that your plants will always be well cared for and healthy. We guarantee it.





This is to authorize Foliage Interiors, Inc. to begin a Guaranteed Maintenance program of the designated live plant material at YOUR BUSINESS OR HOME.

Under this Guaranteed Maintenance Program, Foliage Interiors, Inc. is completely responsible for the care of these designated plants. Plants that die or become an eyesore will be replaced by Foliage Interiors, Inc. at no additional charge. This does not apply to vandalized plants or plants serviced by any person other than an employee of Foliage Interiors, Inc.

Guaranteed Maintenance Services include professional horticultural skills as are required to properly water, clean the foliage, feed, spray for insect and disease control and all other items necessary for the health and appearance of the plant inventory at regular intervals as necessary. In the event of the deterioration of any part of the plant inventory during the life of this contract such plants are to be replaced within a reasonable period of time, with plants of the same variety, size, and quantity provided all conditions listed under the General Specifications are met, at no extra charge to YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS for labor involved in the installation of replacements plants or removal of plants to be replaced.



The live plant inventory is and shall remain the property of YOUR NAME. This contract is to run for a period of 1 year and will automatically renew unless notified by either party of any change, at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the current contract. The client may cancel this contract on 30 days written notice providing the account is brought due in full.

Client is to provide convenient water outlets and to permit Foliage Interiors, Inc. authorized personnel to draw such amounts of water necessary to maintain the plant inventory. Client is to provide a minimum temperature at all times of 55 degrees in all areas where plants are located.